UCHID 2020 DAY 2 Videos

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Friday 6 November 2020

Liverpool Meeting 

Key drug interaction issues from EASL Guidelines 2020

Fiona Marra

Role of the pharmacist in DAA prescribing and HCV elimination.

Alison Boyle

Managing HIV/HCV/TB coinfection: the hard way for cure.

Ahmed Cordie

IBD School 

IBD school

Ismail Anwar

Ain shams IBD MDT success story

Ayat Abdallah

Insurance experience in IBD MDT

Fathia Hamed 

Bowel ultrasound Case Presentation

Yasmin Gaber 

Breakthrough in biological therapy

Mohamed El Tabbakh

Cairo University IBD MDT success story

Hedy Ayman

Bowel ultrasound: An emerging tool in diagnosis and follow up of IBD patients

Shaimaa Youssef 


Covid Summary

Mohamed El Badry

Role of lung ultrasound during COVID-19 pandemic

Samy Zaky

Mansoura -NZIR study for treatment of COVID-19: a single-center experience

Mahmoud El Bendary


Plenary Session III 

Hepatorenal syndrome

Imam Waked

Fungal dysbiosis and gastrointestinal disorders

Maysaa Abdallah

Future therapies for HBV cure

Marc Bourliere

Dual release proton pump inhibitors; are they different?

Ahmed Zaid

Interactive Sessions

Annoying problems in cirrhotic patients (intractable itching, muscle cramps)

Hypersplenism and its sequelae: multidisciplinary approach

HCC in Liver transplantation, what’s beyond the Milan criteria

Chronic fatigue syndrome: a truth or myth and how to approach?

Travel medicine

Unexplained prolonged fever: Algorithmic approach

Industrial Spot


Plenary Session IV 

Neuro endocrinal tumors: Case presentation

Sherif Megawer 

Effect of bariatric surgery on GERD

Mohamed Magdy

Communicable diseases: pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis.

Fatma Ali El Din

Cirrhotic Cardiomaypathy

Sam Lee